Getting started

Getting started with StarterKit couldn't be easier. Just download and drag it into your plugins folder and away you go. Still stuck? Read on.

Creating the kit

Creating a kit has never been easier. Simply arrange your own inventory and include any items that you want new players to have. Once you are finished save the kit by typing /sk save.

When a player logs in they will get an exact copy of the inventory you just saved, including any armour you were wearing and the item you were holding.

Checking what is in the kit

You can check what is in the kit at any time by typing /sk list.

Alternatively you can replace your current inventory with the saved StarterKit. This is useful if you just need to change a couple of items in your current kit. You do this by typing /sk load.

Giving the kit

By default StarterKit gives every new player a copy of the kit when they first login to your server. You do not need to configure anything for this to happen.

You can also give a kit to a specific player by typing /sk load and the name of the player you want to give the kit to. Ask before doing this as it will clear their inventory.

Grant a kit on death

Alternatively you can configure the plugin so it grants the kit every time someone dies. You do this by setting the following in your config.yml.

provide-kit-on-death: true


Allows access to everything in the plugin (defaults op).
Allow a player to see what is in the kit (defaults op)
Allow a player to give a kit to anyone (defaults op).
Allow a player to give themselves the kit (defaults op).
Allow a player to give others the kit (defaults op).
Allow a player save a copy of their inventory as the kit (defaults op).